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Walden University Health Care Delivery System and Patient Satisfaction Discussion

Walden University Health Care Delivery System and Patient Satisfaction Discussion

Question Description

Topic 1: Themes and Implications

Within the context of your practice change ideas (based from your Unit 2 discussion), please list the themes that you recognize from evidenced based practice that support your proposed practice change (i.e., patient safety, interprofessional care collaboration, improved organizational metrics, etc.). Please include information about financial implications, affects for information technology, and potential policy issues.

This is discussion board, 350 words.

here is the past discussion of unit 2:

Improving communications involving changes in a patient’s status

Freestanding emergency departments refer to health facilities that aim to provide emergency health care to patients, but they are distinct from the hospital. The FSED facilities act as stand-alone emergency departments offering emergency healthcare services to both outpatients and inpatients (James, 1985). Improving the discharge procedures in these facilities to reduce unnecessary visits is critical. This means making major adjustments and changes to the medical and nursing procedures in the FSED (Redley, Botti, Wood, & Bucknall, 2017). An example of an evidence-based change that can help in the improvement of discharge procedures in these facilities is the introduction of a more enhanced communication system directed towards improving communications involving changes in a patient’s status.

Improving communications involving changes in a patient’s status will keep to a minimum all the possible errors related to discharge procedures. All the nurses and the doctors get to have health records of all patients at all times; therefore, know the health conditions of all patients (Redley, Botti, Wood, & Bucknall, 2017). A well-informed nursing team in an emergency department enhances the quality of healthcare at ERs by allowing the nurses to protect their patients, save on medical costs, and ensure an increase in the everyday operating efficiency at the FSED.

Improvement in communications in the emergency department is most likely to bring significant improvements in the medical and nursing practices in freestanding emergency departments (Xu & Ho, 2019). With improved health care service provision, the FSED facility becomes more reputable and therefore gets more patients than other emergency departments, thus, increasing its profitability. The change supports the freestanding emergency department policies related to discharge procedures and operations. Improved communication speeds up and makes more efficient the discharge procedures in the emergency department, therefore, reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency departments.

The information technology will support the improvement of communication involving changes in a patient’s status by producing digital and mobile devices that enable the nurses and the doctors at the emergency departments to communicate freely without fear of exposing the patient’s information and be in a position to access the patients’ information at any time from any location of the facility (Blackburn, Ousey, & Goodwin, 2019). The improved communication system will speed up the processes and discharge procedures and improve the accuracy of other emergency department operations.


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