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University of New England What Would You Do Discussion

University of New England What Would You Do Discussion

Question Description

Please read this case carefully and answer the questions. 400 Words APA formatting.

Brenda comes to you seeking counseling and gives you the information in the case study.

  1. Is Brenda the victim or abuser in this case study?
  2. Cite information in the case study that informs your decision.
  3. What additional assessment information will you gather in the first counseling session?
  4. What issues will you focus on in the first counseling session?
  5. What might be some other thoughts you would like to share about this scenario?

Week 4 Case Study Discussion – Brenda and Tina

What Would You Do?

Brenda is a psychologist and clinical director of a mental health center. Tina is a CEO of a housing program for seniors. Brenda and Tina have lived together for 10 years.

Although they both have demanding jobs, Brenda has found time to take care of most, if not all, of the household responsibilities. Their social life includes mutual friends that they often go out to dinner with or other social activities. When they entertain at home Brenda takes care of the planning, cooking, and cleanup. Tina is usually late, appearing after the guests have arrived. Tina’s work style is to micromanage both at work and at home. She calls Brenda multiple times during the day to ask her advice on work-related issues and remind her of the things she needs to do, such as pick up Tina’s laundry, for example. Tina’s relationships with family and friends are often intense, filled with conflict and disappointment for her. Brenda has a close relationship with her family and has an extensive network of friends, many who have been friends for many years. Tina is often critical of Brenda’s family. It is not unusual for Tina to demand Brenda’s attention when she knows that Brenda has plans to see her family. When Tina feels like her needs aren’t being met, she expresses her anger at Brenda and an argument erupts. When Brenda attempts to work toward a resolution of the issue, Tina escalates, often continuing the argument into the night. The argument usually ends because of exhaustion on Brenda’s part. She is struggling with a chronic illness and the arguments negatively impact her health.

On several occasions, Brenda has come close to leaving Tina. During these times, Tina has responded by stating that she knows she is difficult to live with but she can do better. Tina’s self-reflection and insight at these times give Brenda the hope that they will be able to move forward in their relationship.

Brenda has always wanted children but the roller-coaster relationship dynamics has prevented her from pursuing adoption. Brenda comes to the conclusion that she wants to have children and lets Tina know. Brenda knows that Tina doesn’t want children and she understands that Tina may want to end the relationship. Tina decides that she wants to stay with Brenda and they begin the adoption process.

Brenda is adopting the children as a single woman. When Brenda asks Tina if she is interested in becoming a legal parent for the children she declines, Tina makes it clear that she does not want to have any responsibility for the children.

Brenda is thoroughly enjoying her new role as mother and despite all the additional responsibilities of parenthood continues to take care of all the household responsibilities. Tina alternates between sometimes playing with the children to resenting the time Brenda is spending with them. Her daily multiple phone calls from the office continue. If Brenda doesn’t answer the phone because she is bathing the children or otherwise attending to their needs, Tina responds with a flurry of voicemails demanding that Brenda call her immediately.

Brenda begins to recognize that things are not going to get better and Tina’s jealous rages seem to be occurring more frequently. Brenda is concerned that the children will hear the arguments.

Brenda decides she needs to separate from Tina. During the initial discussion, Tina agrees that she couldn’t live with someone like herself. Brenda lets Tina know that if she wants to see the children she can. As Brenda moves forward in finding a house and preparing to move out, Tina threatens suicide. One evening she starts to climb over the balcony railing telling Brenda that she will need to tell the children that she caused Tina’s death.

Brenda and Tina come to an agreement that on weekends Tina will be able to spend time with the children. Tina is inconsistent in taking the children. On one weekend when Tina has the children, she calls Brenda when she is in the car with the children. Tina is crying and yelling at Brenda saying she has ruined her life. Brenda hears the children crying in the car. She is terrified that Tina is going to get into a car accident.

Tina continues to call Brenda multiple times throughout the day and leaves abusive voicemail messages if she can’t reach her. On one occasion when Tina asks to see the children, Brenda tells her that they have doctor’s appointments that day and suggests that Tina suggest another day/time. Tina shows up at Brenda’s door checking to see if she is really taking the children to the doctor. When Brenda lets Tina know that she will not tolerate Tina showing up at her door and accusing her of lying, Tina responds, “If you don’t let me see the children whenever I want to, I’ll go for sole custody. I have a lawyer who is just waiting to file papers.” Brenda grabs Tina’s sweater, saying, “This has nothing to do with you caring about the children. It is about trying to get back at me for leaving.” Tina responds, “Now I can say you abused me and for sure the courts will give me custody.” Brenda leaves with the children for the doctor’s appointment. She is terrified that because of Tina’s financial and public position in the community she will indeed be able to get sole custody of the children.

Brenda comes to you seeking counseling and gives you the information in the case study.

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