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St Johns College Advantages of BPMN Paper

St Johns College Advantages of BPMN Paper

Question Description

Please read all the question carefully before you start !!!!!!!

1. What are some of the advantages in using BPMN to document business process flows instead of other methods such as standard flowcharts? 3-5 sentence

2. Model the following process choreography using BPMN:

End-of-study projects in an industrial environment is a mandatory part in the Bachelor curriculum. The students are not yet involved in the planning phase, where each research group interacts with its industry partners. As the project proposals have to be handed in to the faculty by 30 June, the research group starts planning in the beginning of June. The group sends request to all of its partners and waits for their proposals for at most a week. The group selects the two most interesting proposals and starts planning the details for these two proposals. First, the proposal is worked over in several iterations: The group updates the proposal document, before it is sent to the partner who in turn updates it and sends it back. Once the document has reached a final status, it is handed in to the faculty. The faculty decides which of the proposals will be accepted. The outcome of this decision results in one of two messages: Either the project proposal was rejected or it was accepted. In the latter case the group announces this positive result to the corresponding partner.

3. Design the following internal business process using BPMN:

A small company manufactures customized bicycles. Whenever the sales department receives an order, a new process instance is created. A member of the sales department can then reject or accept the order for a customized bike. In the former case, the process instance is finished. In the latter case, the storehouse and the engineering department are informed. The storehouse immediately processes the part list of the order and checks the required quantity of each part. If the part is available in-house, it is reserved. If it is not available, it is back-ordered. This procedure is repeated for each item on the part list. In the meantime, the engineering department prepares everything for the assembling of the ordered bicycle. If the storehouse has successfully reserved or back-ordered every item of the part list and the preparation activity has finished, the engineering department assembles the bicycle. Afterwards, the sales department ships the bicycle to the customer and finishes the process instance.

Assignment Instructions for 2 & 3

1. Develop the process model in BPMN using Visio or a similar tool.

4. Steel Wheels is struggling in delivering data to the right people at the right time to facilitate the decision-making process and align key objectives and business processes to the organization’s strategy. To overcome these challenges, Steel Wheels needs a BI tool/application suite that offers flexibility in reporting and analysis for the different BI stakeholders and users in the organization. As the BI Manager, create a formal BI Roster. This BI Roster should identify and consolidate the various BI stakeholders and users of the proposed BI solution in Steel Wheels. The roster should include the type of BI user, the role of the user in the BI program and in the organization, and the type of BI tool that they will use. This roster should include the purpose of the various BI tools and how users will use these tools in Steel Wheels to facilitate the decision-making process. The roster should also include a description of the business need for the BI tool (why they need the BI tool?). Use the provided BI Roster Tool to create your BI Roster.

5. Take the role of the BI Consultant hired by the company. Prepare and submit your own business proposal on what should be the important factors for a successful implementation and oversight of the company’s BI solution. Use Microsoft Word and APA format to create a 1,200-1,500 word business proposal describing your proposed best practices that should be established when developing a BI solution (include the areas of business strategy, business processes, data, people, and technology). Describe the potential barriers, challenges and risks factors in delivering the BI solution and what would you propose as major best practices to overcome the challenges and mitigate the risks while delivering a successful BI solution. Lastly, describe the benefits to the company after a successful BI implementation.

6. Review all the application case studies in Chapter 4 – Application Case Studies 4.1 through 4.7 (Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science: A Managerial Perspective). Think about additional examples of organizations or situations where data mining could be used? What problems are these companies most likely solve using data mining? What do you think are the main reasons for data mining’s popularity? 3-5 sentence


Number 1 & 2 has to be done by tomorrow. And others you can give before saturday. Saturday is my deadline. So, take your time.

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