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SOC 111 Wichita State University Stepfamilies and Marriage Problems Essay

SOC 111 Wichita State University Stepfamilies and Marriage Problems Essay

Question Description

Assignment Directions: To start out for this assignment you will need to write a 3-5- page paper related to the social institution of “Family” with a focus on family related issues. Topics to choose from include adoption, step-families, grandparents as parents, alternative families (gay/lesbian etc.), and/or abuse/neglect.

Next, you will need to locate at least three professional journal articles (in the library/Google scholar), books, newspapers, magazines and/or the internet that is related to the chosen “Family” topic of interest to complete the assignment successfully.

Following the format and organization below, write a 3-5-page paper (not including your title/reference pages) discussing your social institution research topic. ** (This section of the paper will be worth a maximum of 40 points)

  • Problem Statement – in this section you will discuss what the topic is and its significance to society.
  • Literature Review/Discussion – in this section you will discuss at least three articles related to the topic as well as discuss the topic in detail.
  • Theory – in this section you will identify and apply at least one of the three sociological theories discussed in the lectures and/or in our text (Functionalism, Conflict or Interactionism theory) to the social issue you selected.
  • Conclusion – in this section you will discuss your opinion regarding the issues related to the topic. Additionally, you will provide an opinion and review of the articles that you selected for the topic including whether you agree or disagree with each of their conclusions.
  • References – Include all references on a separate page.Required Format: The paper should include a title page, be typed with 1” margins, 12 pt. font and must be double-spaced. Anything you use that is not your original work must be referenced, both in the paper and in a reference/work-sited page (APA Format).

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04/01/2020 – RS0000000000000000000002118440 (Abdullah Alshuayl) – SOC 111 25171: Intro to Sociology (F2F)

It is also important that you make sure that your paper includes and uses the following headings as an outline for the required information for the assignment: ** (This section of the paper will be worth a maximum of 5 points)

Problem Statement Literature Review/Discussion Theory

Format for the Reference Page: ** (This section of the paper will be worth a maximum of 5 points). Please use the example format for references provided below.

Example: Author’s last name, author’s first name. (Year). “Title of the article in quotation marks.” Title of the journal underlined. Volume number: pages. (Reference page)

Author’s last name, First Initial, (Year). (Referenced in the paper/in-text citations)

Note: Please be sure to follow the directions carefully; points will be deducted if you do not. These assignments are to help you understand the concept of research while increasing your knowledge of Sociology and the social institution topic you have chosen.

The social institution assignment is worth a maximum of 50 points and will be due at 11:59 pm (end of the day) on the due date outlined in the syllabus. After the cut-off time of 11:59 pm the assignment link will close preventing submission of your assignment. Please do not wait until the last possible minute to submit your paper. Late papers will not be accepted, no exceptions (please check your syllabus).

The social institution assignment must be submitted via Blackboard by clicking the assignment section, then selecting the social institution paper #1 link and then attach your paper (do not cut and paste).

Submitting your paper on time and through Blackboard is the only way that your assignment will be accepted and receive a grade. It is also important that you understand that I will not accept emailed submissions of your assignment or hard copies of your paper.

*Remember all assignments must be submitted in Word

page30image54161792 page30image54161408 page30image54162176 page30image54160448

04/01/2020 – RS0000000000000000000002118440 (Abdullah Alshuayl) – SOC 111 25171: Intro to Sociology (F2F)

Social Institution Paper #1 – (Family) Grading Rubric

Assignment Rubric for Grading: Below is the grading rubric for this assignment. Please follow the assignment directions as well as use the grading rubric to complete your assignment.

Please follow the rubric and assignment directions to successfully complete the assignment. Each section is worth a specified point total. Your paper will be graded according to the grading rubric.


Grading Rubric Part 1: The paper is at least 3- 5 pages in length, typed and double- spaced. The paper follows APA guidelines including a title and reference page with at least 3 references as well as provides in-text citations (5 points). Please note that if one or more of these requirements are missing you will be deducted the full -5 points.

Grading Rubric Part 2: The paper must provide the required information in full detail and follow the required assignment directions and format: (45 points total).


  • The paper provides a problem statement discussing an issue related to the Family and its significance to society (10 points)
  • The paper provides a literature review/discussion section discussing three articles related to the issue discussed in the problem statement and briefly discusses the topic (10 points)
  • The paper provides a theory section that identifies and applies one of the three major sociological theories to the issue selected (10 points)
  • The paper provides a conclusion section that discusses your opinion regarding the issues related to the topic, provides an opinion and review of the articles you selected for the topic including whether you agree or disagree with each of their conclusions (10 points)
  • The paper provides the required headings for each section (5 points)**Please note that 5 points will be automatically deducted if the paper does not follow the assignment formatting requirements such as providing title/reference pages, page length, and the quality of your paper including organization, formatting and following APA guidelines including in-text citations.Feedback will be provided via Blackboard.

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