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SNHU Health Care Insurance Benefits Discussion

SNHU Health Care Insurance Benefits Discussion

Question Description

After reviewing the module resources, select three benefits that are most important to you and discuss why you chose those benefits. Consider thinking about how the benefits you chose would retain you as an employee.

Include at least one citation and reference in your initial post and respond to at least two of your classmates ‘posts.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.

peer responce 1.

Hello Class,

The three benefits I selected are: Health Insurance, Flexible Hours, and Work-from Home Options.

1. Health Insurance- My health is important to me and I feel somewhat safe having medical, dental, and vision insurance. I can see a Doctor as needed, my prescriptions are affordable, and my plan covers me in an emergency or if surgery is needed.

2. Flexible Hours- Since being enrolled in school for two years, I work part-time by choice. I wanted flexible hours that didn’t interfere with my studies as well as working Monday-Friday only. I found a Billing Clerk position for a Freight Forwarding Company close to home. My hours are 9am-3pm Monday-Friday, and it has been wonderful. “Flexible work options don’t cost a dime, but not offering flexibility could come at a very high cost in terms of turnover, retention and the ability to recruit top talent.” (Wilkie, 2018).

3. Work-from Home Option- Due to the corona virus and the safer at home policy, I am not working. Business has been slow for us all year considering the bulk of our import/export is with China. Since the virus originated there, it has affected my job substantially. As of now, my position cannot be done from home. In the future when looking for employment, work-from home option will be at the top of my list.

Thankfully for me, my husband is the bread-winner. He is still working, as he works for Kroger Corporate. He and his team are especially busy now making sure the stores are fully stocked and are up and running. Other than me being bored most days, I can’t complain. We are healthy and all of our necessities are being met plus some.


Jones, Kerry (Feb. 15, 2017). “The Most Desirable Employment Benefits.” Retrieved from

Wilkie, Dana (Sept. 10, 2018). “If You Can’t Boost Wages, Try Better Benefits”. Retrieved from

peer respond 2: Hi Everyone,

After reviewing the module resources, the three benefits that are most important to me are health care benefits, payment for time not worked, and tuition assistance. Currently, I’m lucky to be a part of a company that offers all three. I chose health care benefits because it’s important to have good insurance coverage for when you get sick, need surgery, have an emergency trip to the ER, etc. The second benefit I chose is payment for time not worked which includes paid vacations, bonuses given in replacement of paid vacations, payment for holidays not worked, paid sick leave, military jury duty, and payments for absence due to a death in the family or other personal reasons (Snell et al, 2016). I chose this benefit because it’s relaxing to take a day off from work and know you’re getting paid for it! The third and last benefit I chose is tuition assistance, I chose this because it’s beneficial to receive tuition assistance and then you have a degree to be able to grow within the company.


Snell, S., Morris, S., & Bohlander, G. (2016). Managing Human Resources. Retrieved April 01, 2020, from…

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