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San Jose State University Covid 19 Analytics Discussion

San Jose State University Covid 19 Analytics Discussion

Question Description


There have been many myths crafted to explain the spread of the Corona Virus. Many people are still misinformed on the spread of Corona Virus and therefore, they don’t have the vital knowledge and resources on how they can prevent its spread. People need to be informed about the virus for them to prevent its spread.

My perspective uses reliable information and data from experts to explain how the virus spreads. All the myths about the spread of the virus will be addressed in this discussion. Some myths are stating that exposure to a temperature of 25 degrees and above and can prevent one from contacting the virus (Mrudula, 2020). According to research conducted by WHO, one can catch the virus whether it is hot or cold. One can only protect himself or herself from the virus through regular and thorough washing of hands with soap, and avoid the touching of nose, eyes, and mouth (Mrudula, 2020). Recent studies show that more than 10,000 people have died from the virus, despite significant efforts by the government and WHO to contain it (Mrudula, 2020). The virus is deadly and anyone can contact it. It is, therefore, a call for every person, either old or young to follow the guidelines provided by the government to promote the containment of the virus.

The virus spreads from one individual to the other nearby, the same to other respiratory diseases, such as flu. Droplets from body fluids such as mucus and saliva from an infected person are scattered on surfaces or in the air by sneezing or coughing. Whenever the droplets come into contact with a healthy person, one can contact the virus (Mrudula, 2020). Scientific research shows that sneezes and coughs can travel to various feet and remain in the air for up to 10 minutes.

Research has not established the survival period of the virus outside the host. The virus is therefore spread mostly by people who are traveling as an infected person can leave the virus on any surface that he/she comes into contact with. It is also worth noting that the Virus can still be transmitted before the appearance of the symptoms. No one is immune to the Virus, though people who have a weak immune system can easily succumb to it (Mrudula, 2020).

Possible Analytics to the Problem

To better understand the spread of the Corona Virus, one can use diagnostic analytics that center on past performance to settle on what happened and the reason behind it. Diagnostic analytics are typified by techniques such as correlations, data mining, data discovery and drill-down (Duan & Xiong, 2015). By utilizing diagnostic analytics, one can determine the events and factors that contributed to the Corona Virus. Diagnostic analytics take a profound look at the available information and data to comprehend the root causes of a situation or event (Duan & Xiong, 2015). Through the use of likelihoods, outcome distribution and probabilities, the diagnostic approach can provide reliable information about the spread of Corona Virus.

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COVID-19 has affected people around the whole world and has created a pandemic situation. Millions of people are affected by this virus and numerous people have died due to this virus. This has led to an economic crisis all over the world. Various researches are being done on COVID-19.

The main point that needs to be focussed on is that which age group people are more likely to get affected by this virus and death rate of which age group people are much higher.

This is the major concern for the COVID-19 virus (Verity, Okell, Dorigatti, Winskill, Whittaker, Imai, & Dighe, 2020).

It is a well known fact that any person can be infected by this virus but there is a certain group of people who are an easy victim to this infection and also the mortality rate is also higher when infected with this deadly virus.

Research perspective

The main focus of my research is to find out that the age group of people who are soft targets of this deadly virus and which of the people can withstand this COVID-19 virus. If this is found properly then each of the government around the world can try to protect those section of people from coming in contact with this deadly virus then the death rate can be reduced as the person who is fit enough to withstand the rage of this virus can get cured and the death rate will be much lesser as compared to the recent situation. The infection spread rate can be controlled. Data are available from various sources like from media sources, website sources and from various government publications (Bai, Yao, Wei, Tian, Jin, Chen, & Wang, 2020). So a methodology must be created that can define properly which category of people are mostly affected by this virus and how they can be protected from this virus such that the death rate can be reduced. It is known to all that how the virus spreads and the kind of effect the virus has and how painful death can occur.

Possible analytics

A proper method must be implemented that is making use of the classification technique with the help of a selection of all types of age groups infected by the virus. The main challenge in the process is to select a proper age group and making a sample class for each of the age groups and understanding the differences. This recursive cluster elimination technique is very useful rather than making use of the recursive feature elimination technique. For this SVM-RCE method is perfect to use such that a comparative analysis can be done. The SVM-RCE technique makes use of the K-means clustering technique for clustering of the dataset and classification purpose Support Vector Machine is useful as it can easily score and rank those dataset clusters that are formed. K-means clustering is useful in creating clusters of different age groups and then by applying the recursive cluster elimination technique, it is possible to remove those data points that have a very minimum contribution in the classification performance (Wang, Kung, & Byrd, 2018). SVM-RCE can provide maximum accuracy and it identifies the co-related data points such that when considered helps in gaining higher insights. Eventually, this helps in finding that the people above the age of 50 have the maximum chance of getting infected by the virus and the mortality rate is also higher of people above the age 50. Because this virus affects the lungs and higher aged people have weaker lungs compared to that of younger aged people so they will suffer from breathing problems and eventually die. Even younger aged people died but the number is very less so people having asthma or any lung-related disease have higher chances of suffering from this and the survival of this kind of person is very less.

—————.(150 words) + 1 reference APA format.

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