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RWS 305W SDSU Logical Fallacies Operations of Big Pharmaceutical Companies Paper

RWS 305W SDSU Logical Fallacies Operations of Big Pharmaceutical Companies Paper

Question Description

Logical Fallacies:

Review the Logical Fallacies handout. In one paragraph, explain what logical fallacies are and discuss why you might want to look for them when you do a website evaluation and framing analysis. Give a couple of independent examples of logical fallacies that you might see in the “real world.”

Website Evaluation:
Review the Web Evaluation Criteria handout, and do a preliminary website evaluation for each of your selected Project 3 websites. Write a short paragraph for each one, reflecting your evaluation based on the six criteria highlighted in the handout. You can consider this to be a rough draft for the evaluation paragraph for each website.

my project 3 prompt is

I am selecting the second choice on the project three prompts, opting to study the pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. These are two of the biggest and leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, boasting a plethora of leading proprietary drugs used to treat myriad diseases. With the current COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, I choose to undertake a framing analysis and website evaluation of these companies’ websites to determine their application of messages, graphics, and images to communicate globally. Primarily, they help to determine if such companies are focused on their bottom-line or helping alleviate human suffering not only through the production and promotion of their medicines but also through the dissemination of information, painting an accurate and categorical picture of the state of affairs as the situation develops. The essence here is to determine if these companies employ attractive graphics, hire good looking models and craft catchy, and trend taglines to only promote their products or to warn people about epidemics, endemics, and pandemics. Mainly, I intend to undertake the framing analysis to determine their application of metaphors, imagery, stereotypes, or actors to sell their products better and if this plays into the current COVID-19 pandemic, more so with the president promoting yet unproven drugs for the virus. This topic is of particular interest to me first since I am a pre-pharmacy student hoping to break into the industry and make my mark not only dispensing drugs but hopefully working for a major pharmaceutical company producing proprietary drugs for the treatment of various maladies. Pharmaceutical companies often employ imagery, metaphors, and actors to sell their drugs, which culminates in numerous patients failing to reckon the effects of these medications. Such companies as Pfizer and Johnson &Johnson often use fine print to record the side effects of their drugs, yet promote the said positives of their drugs in large bold fonts. The irony of such communication is that these companies, entrusted with the production of medication to treat humans, disregard their fiduciary duty treating people and informing them in case of any side effects and instead capitalize on making profits. Therefore, for this project, I want to analyze Pfizer’s ( and Johnson & Johnson’s ( website to ascertain how both pharmaceutical behemoths are responding to and communicating about the COVID-19 pandemic. Mainly, I am interested in ascertaining, through a framing analysis, if the companies are responding to the pandemic by prioritizing profit-making or informing their clients globally about this fast-evolving and globally-gripping situation. With the COVID-19 virus infection, hundreds of people, and killing hundreds more daily, these websites are relevant to the topic identified since they are trendsetters in how pharmaceuticals communicate about the situation. Notably, they help to affirm if the industry’s prime motivation is to inform, sell, or merely maintain face. A pandemic of such magnitude requires informative, evolving, and edifying communication devoid of acting, promotional messages, and avarice to ensure effective combating. Nonetheless, such companies often prove more motivated by the desire to make money than the desire to help human suffering through the production of affordable and readily available medication. Consequently, these websites play right into my pharmacy field since they serve as trendsetters and open a doorway into how big pharma markets itself, more so in light of developing diseases.

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