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Robert Morris University Ch 7 & 8 Week 5 Robert T Westbrook Law Case Discussion

Robert Morris University Ch 7 & 8 Week 5 Robert T Westbrook Law Case Discussion

Question Description

Week 5 Discussion

Read Chapters 7 & 8

For this assignment, you must reply to this post and address the questions below, prior to 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 9th. Continue to follow your classmates’ posts for the remainder of the week and post follow-up messages to at least two of your classmates’ posts prior to 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 12th. Your follow-up posts can add additional insight to a classmate’s opinions or can challenge their opinions. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support your views, as appropriate. For your follow-up posts this week, you may wish to visit a couple of the web sites contributed by your classmates and share your opinion of these sites with the class. Be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification. You are encouraged to conduct research and use other sources to support your answers. Be sure to list your references at the end of your post. References must be in APA citation format. All posts must be a minimum of 250-300 words. All follow-up posts to your classmates must be a minimum of 150 words for each required post.

Discussion Grading Rubric (100 Points)
Synthesis of Concepts 55
Clear Citations using APA format 10
Writing Standards 10
Peer Reviews (minimum of 2) – Responses posted after the current week will not be accepted 25
Timeliness – 10% penalty per week for late work
  1. Why is international cooperation needed in addresssing cybercrimes and cyberterrorism? Please be specific.
  2. Why are cybercrimes difficult to investigate and prosecute?
  3. The U.S. Department of Justice sought a court order in 2011 to obtain personal information from the Twitter accounts of three people linked to the WikiLeaks probe, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The U.S. Justice Department opened a criminal probe of WikiLeaks shortly after the disclosure of diplomatic cables and classified documents. Should the government be entitled to obtain screen names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and credit card and bank account information, and Internet protocol addresses in the WikiLeaks probe? To what extent does the First Amendment protect Assange and others who played a rold in leaking classified documents? If you were a juror in a criminal prosecution of Assange, could you find him guilty for disclosing classified documents and diplomatic cables? Please explain.


week 5
  1. International cooperation is needed when address cybercrimes and cyberterrorism because of vast the whole the internet and the cyberworld is. People can be committing crimes from one country that is affect a different country but since they are anonymous or hidden its hard to track down on the person unless there is cooperation that all nations agree upon that can help track down crimes and terrorism because it can affect more than just one country if it were to continue.
  2. Cybercrimes are difficult to investigate and prosecute because of how hard it is to lock down on one person who is committing a crime. As well as brings challenges to the courtroom and some of the evidence might be overseas and lawyers will need technical expertise to make the jury understand the complex evidence and the process, which could take years.
  3. I believe that the government should be allowed to do anything they needed to do to get information to protect the citizens of the nation. Reason being is if people can be tracked down based on purchases online or the things, they said on social media to be able to arrest them, then by all means the government should be able to do what they need to do. I would find Assange guilty because the documents they got probably were not to track down any criminal activity and could leak something very important to people and could ruin many things for people’s lives or business.


Computer Crime Research Center. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Wk 5 Discussion

1. International cooperation is needed to stop cybercrimes and cyberterrorism, because of how big the cyberspace is in the world and all of the types of crimes can come across multiple country’s borders. Also, there have been many incidents of terrorists displaying propaganda over the internet to a limited amount of people, and since the internet is so complex in today’s world these terrorists are able to stay hidden and anonymous to any government authorities. But for the authorities to be able to stop this from occurring in the world, they would need for the majority of the countries to international agreement to stop their terrorist acts.

2. The main reason why cybercrimes are hard to prosecute in court, because of the complexity of the cases can be hard for most lawyers to even have enough expertise in the field to be able to convince the jury of what the criminal did and have them understand it. Also since not all of the countries have come to an agreement with cybercrimes so if the evidence is somewhere overseas it can be very hard for the lawyer to receive and retain the case’s evidence.

3. I think the government should have the power to do anything they want and get whatever information they want if there is a big enough threat that seems threatening to them. Because if you think about it there has probably been a lot of attempts of terrorism stopped because of the government digging very depth into some people’s personal information, but in the end, they save a decent amount of innocent people. I don’t see a problem with it if the government is trying to do is save our citizen’s lives. I also don’t person your 1st amendment right doesn’t save you from leaking classified information, you may be entitled to say what everyone you want on the web, I think Assange should be founded guilty for what he did since it wasn’t his information in the first place, and who knows how he even got the classified information in the first place where he probably did another illegal action to get the information. It makes it even worse that he posted on his website and showing it to anyone who wanted to see it.


Davis, K. (2015, December 15). Computer Crime Research Center. Retrieved April 5, 2020, from

Gross, G. (2012, October 24). UN: More international cooperation needed to fight

cyberterrorism.Retrieved April 5, 2020, from–…

Assignment #5

Attached Files:

Please answer the attached questions by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, April 12th. Please answer the questions in a Word document and then upload it for grading or complete the answers in the text editor. Remember, I am looking for detailed and supported answers. A minimum of 2-pages in length must be submitted to receive full credit. Always remember to cite and reference sources. Even if you are writing from opinion or experience you must find information to support what you are saying.

>> The Ecuadorian government->> Is defending its right to protect Assange.>> And we have decided to grant political asylum to him.>> To citizen Julian Assange, based on the request that was presented to the president of the republic through a written document from London, in June 2012.>> For which the Ecuadorian government has assessed Assange's situation.>> And we can state that there is a risk that he can be persecuted politically and that he is fearing, with reason for it. So the UK government should respect the decision of the Ecuadorian government. And we trust that the UK will offer the necessary guarantees.>> So that both governments->> Can act adequately and properly, respecting the international rights and the rights of asylum.


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