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MB 508 All American Career College Nike Pro Hijab Market Entry Strategy Paper & PPT

MB 508 All American Career College Nike Pro Hijab Market Entry Strategy Paper & PPT

Question Description

Research Project: Each student will analyze the timing of market entry strategy of a product or process from the list on the last pages of this syllabus. A product or process may not be selected by more than one student nor used for the term paper topic. The objective of the research is to analyze the product or process in terms of the nine factors influencing optimal timing of market entry explained on pages 104-108 of the text.

Students will find at least seven references, such as periodicals, books, articles, or journals, relating to the product or process, to document their position. These sources will be less than seven (7) years old. You will find that each source may or may not discuss all of the nine timing-of-entry factors; however, it must discuss at least one factor. Report what you find. Internet sources are not acceptable; however, the Internet may be used to locate a source. All sources will be identified in a reference list, arranged in alphabetical order and attached to the paper. Using the course textbook as an example, a reference list entry would mirror the first two lines of the Required Text paragraph above, starting with Schilling. In the text of the research project and in the concluding summary paragraph, the same book citation would appear as (Schilling (2020)) and will be located directly after the summary comment(s) attributed to the text.

The research project will consist of a paragraph that summarizes all applicable factors influencing optimal timing of entry for each source and a concluding paragraph containing the important points that your research has documented about each of the factors. Use proper in-text citations. Your personal opinion is not welcome. Projects will be graded on applicability, content, proper identification of the factors relating to timing of market entry and appropriate APA style and citations.

Research Presentation: Students will take about 15 minutes to present the results of their research to the class. Presentations will identify the appropriate timing of entry factors identified in each source, will contain a conclusion, and will be done in PowerPoint. One slide per source is usually adequate. Use a large enough font size so the slide can be read by all.

please under each slide write me some notes so i can explain the slide for the professor

Research projects will be submitted at the conclusion of the scheduled classroom presentation. Presentation opportunities will be identified in the assignments portion of the blackboard.

The research project begins with your selection of a topic from a list on the last pages of the syllabus. The project will consist of two items; a briefing and a project paper. The briefing will be done in PowerPoint. Each slide will be a summary of one of your seven sources and will state which factors concerning timing of market entry were found. Record the appropriate portion of your briefing on each slide. [To record audio on a PowerPoint slide, select the slide, select insert, select audio, select record audio and make your statement. When you have finished speaking, click on the black square to stop recording. Click on the arrow to replay your recording. When you are satisfied, click insert. Once the recording is imbedded in the slide a speaker icon will appear. Repeat this process for each slide in the briefing. A conclusion slide will be used to sum up your results by identifying the factors that influenced the timing of market entry that you found. The final slide will be a reference list of sources.

The project paper will consist of eight paragraphs and a reference list. Each of the first seven paragraphs will be summaries, including in-text citations, of the sources and will identify the timing of market entry factors found. Paragraph eight will sum up the results. The last page will be the reference list.

The research paper is due on the day of the research project briefing. Don’t make this too hard.

Please listen to the power point attached slide 2 and 3 let mne know if you can access…

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