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FSU We Need to Take Care of the Elderly Speech

FSU We Need to Take Care of the Elderly Speech

Question Description

You will be writing a 3-5 minute persuasive public addressspeech focusing on a current issue in society. You will not be giving the speech; you willjust be writing what you would say. You will be writing the speech in essay format (APAstyle, 12-point font, Times New Roman). Your speech should be about 3-5 pages inlength. You will be graded on the rhetorical strategies, the reasoning/argument of yourpersuasive claim, as well as the writing, grammar and punctuation.1. Select an issue that you have encountered in our school, community, state, ornation. Write this issue at the top of your paper.2. Below the issue, write down thoughts and feelings you have about it. Determineyour position on it.3. Write your position statement. A position statement is like a thesis statement. Itidentifies the issue and your position on it in one sentence. For example: AsAmericans, we must take action against (or for) the issue of_______ because of________________, __________________, and _________________.4. Identify your audience. Although you will be presenting to our class, you shouldthink about what group of people is your real-world audience. Answer thefollowing questions, and then identify the group of people that is your real-worldaudience. After answering these questions, write down your real-world audience.a. Who is affected by this issue?b. Who might be in a position to influence the results of this problem?c. What might this audience already know about the issue?d. What views or opinions might this audience already have?e. What misconceptions might they have?f. What details or words might appeal to this audience’s emotions?Reasoning?5. Your purpose is to persuade the audience; however, you need to consider whatyou want the audience to do as a result of listening to your speech. Answer thefollowing questions, and then identify the secondary purpose of your speech.a. How do you want your audience to feel about the issue afterwards?b. What action do you want them to take?6. Planning for Your Speech…What are you going to say?Your speech must have at least one of each of the following persuasivetechniques.a. Logical Appeal — Facts, statistics, and well-reasoned argumentsb. Ethical Appeal — Argument based on widely accepted beliefs and valuesc. Emotional Appeal — Uses anecdotes (stories) and loaded words (wordswith strong connotations) to bring about strong emotions in the audience7. Simple Formula for Writing Persuasive SpeechesA. INTRODUCTION “Tells your audience what you are going to tell them”and establishes the foundation for your speech. A good Introductiomap’ for the journey. For a Persuasive Speech an Introduction consists ofo Attention-Getter: A statement that gains the attention of the audience andmakes them believe that this issue is relevant to them. Please, do NOT usea rhetorical question here. Instead, think of your intro like a funnel. Yourthesis (in this case, your position statement) is the narrow part and youslowly broaden out from that to a broad statement that applies to many, innot all, people.o Bond > Link-to Audience: Identify a personal connection in the audiences’life, i.e. their use of the ‘device’ or system, or their emotional experience(grief and sorrow, happiness).o “Credentials” of Speaker (Credibility): Demonstrate how you are an’expert’ through your own use, experience or study.o Destination / Position Statement: State clearly why you are speaking atthis moment. State your Goal, Thesis or what you expect as an Outcome.State your Destination. An example may be … “This evening/today I amhere to convince you that…. is the most effective way to do businesstoday.”o Explain my Map to my destination > Preview of Speech: Briefly outlinewhat you will cover in your persuasive speech. This is where youwill…”Tell what you are going to tell them”.o Transition: A transition is how you move from one section or point to thenext. It is a linking idea. You could say…”Let’s begin by…”, “Let’s startwith…” or I prefer “Let’s consider…”B. BODY of your Speech The Body of your speech is where the detail is foundand is best contained in THREE points (you can have more, but don’t confuseyour audience). For a Persuasive Speech, this is where you will … “Tell them”o Main Point #1: State Point 1, State Reason, Give Example, Restate pointo Main Point #2: State Point 2, State Reason, Give Example, Restate pointo Transition: Create a linking statement to Point 3o Main Point #3: State Point 3, State Reason, Give Example, Restate pointo Transition: Create a linking statement to the Conclusion, i.e. “Let’ssummarize…” or “Can we consider these main points…”C. CONCLUSION “Tell them what you have told them”o Again state your destination >Restate outcome or thesis.o Restate main points: State Point 1, State Point 2, State Point 3o Call-to-Action: e.g., “I encourage you to …”, “Let’s all contribute …” , “…sign now …”, “make a decision now to be involved …”o Decision-Maker (Clincher – optional): “Coming around is the petition…””Being passed from the rear is a bag for your contribution to this noblecause, dig deep…”

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