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ENGL 1302 University of Texas at San Antonio Electric Cars and the Environment Paper

ENGL 1302 University of Texas at San Antonio Electric Cars and the Environment Paper

Question Description

I have attached the essay instructions:

I chose to write about how electric cars benefit the environment and how they are the future of driving. 

I have an outline that I could send to get better ideas on what exactly I was panning to write about. 

Assignment Description:

We are constantly evaluating. Any time we ask a question and make a determination, we are performing an evaluation: Who’s the best Biology teacher at Northwest Vista? Where can I find the best pizza? Why is it so cold in this classroom? Implicit in these informal evaluations are criteria or reasons. We identify criteria by which something should be evaluated and then see how well it meets those criteria.

For this essay, you will pick a topic and narrow it down to a particular subject (“Movies” > “Marvel Movies” > The Avengers). You will then write an essay of 1000 words evaluating the subject of your choice. Your evaluation should have clear criteria that you are using to perform your evaluation. Readers should ultimately understand the conclusion you have come to by the end of your essay.

Ultimately, you’re making an argument about your topic of choice!

Sample Topics:

The best or worst show to binge-watch during the COVID-19 outbreak/ video game to play/ way to kill time in general now that we’re all on lock-down

The best or worst item (car; truck; beauty product; baby product)

You could also do an essay evaluating the “benefits of” a certain practice. 

Example: “the benefits of breastfeeding”; “the benefits of hybrid vehicles”; “the benefits of reducing single use plastics” 

More Details:

One key to success on this assignment is clear and thoughtful criteria: traits that you value in a movie, TV show, beauty item. 

If you invest some time in generating a number of ideas for points to discuss, you can then choose the ones that turn out to be most interesting or important or that do the best job of explaining your overall rating.

In addition to discussing the specific traits that matter to you, be sure to indicate what this all adds up to—if the game your evaluating is good in some ways and poor in other ways, how do these balance out? Overall, is it terrible, kind-of-good, the best you’ve ever seen? (Etc.) That is your thesis for this type of paper.

Evidence for your points should come mostly from the thing itself.  

Sources/ Evidence:

For this essay, you will need to use evidence to support the judgment you’re making in your evaluation. You’ll need to use evidence from the thing you’re evaluating AS WELL AS 3-4 secondary sources. While these sources do not have to be retrieved from the library, you should find credible sources (so, no Wikipedia, blogs). 

Example: I’m claiming the Great British Baking Show is the best Netflix show to binge-watch during the COVID-19 crisis. 

My primary source would be the Great British Baking Show itself. My secondary sources might be: reviews of the GBBS, an article about the GBBS, information about GBBS viewership/ popularity, production, interviews with hosts or contestants.

You’re expected to cite all sources in MLA format and have both in-text/parenthetical citations along with a corresponding works cited page.

Paper Length:

This essay should be a minimum of 1000 words typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font with 1” margins. Make sure to develop your evaluation as fully as you can! Evidence, explanation, elaboration will all help you in reaching the word requirement.

Essays should use MLA for formatting and citations. All essays will need a works cited page, which does not count toward the word count and page length requirements.

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