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ENG101 Cal State Fullerton Rothman Approach on Different Aspects Essay

ENG101 Cal State Fullerton Rothman Approach on Different Aspects Essay

Question Description

For this assignment I just need:

Two sentences answers for part 1 questions 1-10

Two paragraph answers for part 2 questions 1-2

One page essay for part 3 question 1

So total of maybe 2-3 pages of work done along with reading the Rothman documents in order to answer correctly.

Part I (10 questions, 2 points each): Write two or three brief sentences only for each question in this section.

  1. Explain what Rothman means in the analogies he makes in the first three lines under the subsection beginning on page 3, “Social Justice.” Does he use this to claim that social justice is value-neutral or not value-neutral?
  2. From the subsection which begins on page 7, “The Pace of Change,” define what is a “microaggression” and provide an example from the text that seeks to illustrate how this works and in what context(s).
  3. What is “intersectionality” and explain whether Rothman agrees with this concept or not. Use evidence from that section beginning on page 14 to support your response.
  4. What two possible meanings might be associated with the title of the subsection, “Flowers for America”? How does Rothman’s summary claim—“…the idea that victimhood not only deserves sympathy and redress but also confers virtue”—attempt to support what the title represents?
  5. In the subsection “Piety and Prejudice,” Otto Warmbier’s tragic story is discussed. Explain how Rothman uses this story in this section.
  6. In the subsection The Right to be Believed” beginning on page 22, Rothman discusses the opposition between “rape culture” versus evidence-based prosecutions. What does he argue about this opposition? Also, summarize the most important point he seems to make here to support his argument.
  7. On page 24, the subsection “The ‘Job Interview’” begins. This section goes into details about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. Describe how this subsection is organized, and then identify at which paragraph Rothman begins to conclude this section, and say what he does to conclude it.
  8. In the subsection “The Identitarian Right,” beginning on page 27, Rothman argues that the conservative right at one time understood that “divisive identity politics” was a problem for the nation. Summarize what Rothman says the conservative right forgot.
  9. Use a theory from Carver that might explain Rothman’s argument in the first paragraph of the subsection “How Republics Fail” on page 30.
  10. Explain what Rothman means by, “…the legitimately oppressed are entitled to redress: (32). Also explain, from that same paragraph, what he means when he argues that the modern social justice movement “is not an aberration but an extension of America’s magnanimity.”

Part II: (Two Short Paragraph Essays, 20 points each) All answers must be written using complete and grammatically correct sentences.

  1. From pages 33-36, in about two sentences, first summarize what Rothman argues in this subsection, “The Gospel Truth.” Next, in about 3-4 sentences, focus on what you think is the most important point made in this subsection. Explain why you think this is so.
  2. From pages 39-42, in about two sentences, first summarize Rothman’s argument in this subsection, “The Origins of Identity.” Next, in about 3-4 sentences, focus on one of the parts of this subsection and argue whether you agree or disagree with it. Explain why you agree or disagree.

Part III: (One-Page Essay, 40 points)

First, summarize in approximately three sentences “Payback for the Planter Class” from Rothman’s pages 43-48. Discuss in the summary how he constructs this section of the book. Next, in about 7-10 sentences, focus an analysis on three points of rhetoric in this section. Point out the phrases of this rhetoric, then explain what how they seem to be functioning as rhetoric.


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