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Cuyamaca College Top Ten Stories from The Year 2000 up To Today Paper

Cuyamaca College Top Ten Stories from The Year 2000 up To Today Paper

Question Description

Discussion 1

This week I would like you to discuss what you know about Donald Trump solely from information your have heard/watched/read in the media.

1. Tell me what you have learned (or already know) about him solely from what you have heard/watched/read from the media. Social media counts as well.

2. Share where you got your information from. If it was from several sources, please list them all.

3. Discuss opposing views on President Trump from various media sources. Some media outlets will like a certain candidate and dislike another. Their bias will show.

4. What do you think about media sources endorsing one candidate or another? Can you trust a media source to be unbiased in their reporting if they have come out to endorse a specific candidate? (For example, a major newspaper’s endorsement of a candidate)

5. How do you know what information is accurate? How do you know who you can trust?

I am giving points for well thought out answers not bullet points. Put a lot of thought and effort into this.

Discussion 2


Post your answers and reply to at least two classmate’s posts

There are several questions to answer this week. Please make sure you answer each one for full points.

1. In your opinion, what are the top 10 most important news stories from the year 2000- today’s date. Please number them 1-10 and explain (next to each choice) why you picked it (in detail).

2. In your opinion how would 9/11 have been different if there was no television coverage?

3. What are the biggest news stories that you are currently following?

4. Which one is the most interesting or most important to you?

5. Are any of them affecting you personally?

6. What are your top 10 favorite TV shows of all time?

7. Has Tivo, DVR, etc… affected the way you watch TV? Please explain the impact you feel this invention has had on you and your family.

8. What impact did TV have on your family’s life? For example, did you all gather to watch a certain show together? Do you remember watching cartoons with your siblings on Saturday mornings when you were kids? Share with us your memories. For those of you who now have families of your own how has TV impacted your family? For example,are there shows you all watch together or do you all go into different rooms to watch what you want?

Assignment 1

Faking It: Sex Lies and Women’s Magazines

Intro to Mass Communication


1. Students are to write a (full) 2-3 page paper discussing the

article “Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines”.

2. The first page should include a discussion regarding your

opinions and thoughts on the article you read. Be specific and

use examples from what you read when responding.

3. The second page should include examples in


Women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed

by the various editors and writers interviewed in the article.

For example: look for examples that have the small print that

says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading.

Look for


claims regarding sex and it’s

impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real

women” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak

about sex.

Make sure to tell me the magazine you found the article in. The

issue you are using, the name of the column or article and its

author. Give me

specific details

when describing the article(s)

you are discussing.

The assignment must:

Be typed

Double spaced

12 point font

New Times Roman

Use proper spelling and grammar

Use proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)

I am not looking for a list on the second page…please keep your

writing in formal essay format.

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