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CSUN How Does Stratification Shape Lives Privileged Disadvantaged Groups Essay

CSUN How Does Stratification Shape Lives Privileged Disadvantaged Groups Essay

Question Description

The team has come up with some answers (not confident with the direction it went), please elaborate using the attached academic journals and feel free to word it any way you’d prefer. Textbook is also attached for your reference.

** It must be in APA format, 7-8 pages.**

Guideline Questions:

  1. What is your research question? Why did you choose this question?
  2. What sociological terms, concepts or theories can you use to better understand your question (use at least 2 from course materials)? Based on your sociological analysis, come up with a hypothesis. What do you think you will find?
  3. Find at least two examples of sociological research that address your question:
    • In general, how did the researchers investigate the question?
    • What did they find?
    • What are the implications of their findings?
  4. Revisit your hypothesis and compare it with your findings.
  5. How does sociology help us better understand the social world we live in?

Final Paper: Your paper needs to be written in APA format and 7-8 pages in length. You will upload your paper as Word document. Focus most of your attention to addressing points 2 and 3. The research you use must come from peer-reviewed, academic journals.

APA Format: You will find an APA format guide in the Week Five module. Your paper needs to be in APA format.

Academic journals attached

Textbook link:

This is what we have so far, please help! It may just be easier for you to start from scratch. Thanks in advance!!!


1 What is your research question?

How does class/race/gender/sexual orientation stratification shape the lives of privileged and/or disadvantaged groups

Why did you choose this question?

I choose the question because in society today there are discriminations against people and their sexual orientation, different aspects of class and race. Sexual orientation can be defined as “a person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted; the fact of being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.” People choose to be who they are in reality. Male can feel comfortable being female without having to be judged by other people. The privilege of been at highest rank people are who gay or lesbian with the possible of there is society economics is the money allowed them to get better clothes and wealth as job. The class would be middle it considers to be having little bite privileged and lower class is refer to have the poor people impoverished lead to them being discrimination and not accept who for there in really and judge them by their appearance. The superior is considered to be white ethnicity because they are the most rich people in the world. The superior white people glance at lower class because we are most likely to be considered poor people in the world. The lower class are not too rich because we have found altered ways to be survived like paid for restaurants which are around twenty- five dollars. The minority group is more likely to be judged or and harassed before those of the superior race. Minority groups are assumed to be less fortunate because of the color of the skin.

2.: What sociological terms, concepts or theories can you use to better understand your question (use at least 2 from course materials)? Based on your sociological analysis, come up with a hypothesis. What do you think you will find?

My perspective is that health is set into three sexual orientation and class, gender, including race. Race is significant to the person who identifies as their skin ethics and culture. Ethnicity is set into identification that is categories as a person shows their culture and background. My perspective is how to interpret the difference between sexuality and I notice that the role of sexuality is very important in our own life because we interact and how we also try to understand life today. I think the significance of sexuality has a manner which is very important to learn and understand about the outcome which could be part of society in today’s world. Structural functionalism describes how to incorporate the importance of an integral into society because it also identifies sexuality activity to be part of an important function of the family. In the conflict theory purpose of to have two key dimension that are in debate toward people who are same sex married over other married due to the traditional married. The majority of people who are activists in favor of the same sex married prefer to make legal married so society can accept them who they are in reality. My perspective is based on how heterosexuality and homosexuality although they struggle in financial and social resources. The symbolic interactionism also people are gay straight lesbians or bisexuality transgender have a high risk of been depression and also suicide themselves for their rest of their life.

3: Find at least two examples of sociological research that address your question

Two examples I found that relate to the research question were How Adoption barriers affect same sex couples due to societical biases. meaning same sex couples are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety due to issues faced when trying to adopt a child. The second example was how an LGBTQ person is considered for leadership positions in the workforce. Research was conducted to see if a person’s sexual orientation affects their ability to be considered for leadership/ managerial roles.

  • In general, how did the researchers investigate the question?

The researchers did a review of court cases regarding Adoptions for same sex couples and their links to depression/ anxiety due to the stress faced in their struggles to become parents. In the second article, a series of social experiments were conducted with different hypotheses tested to see how a person’s sexual orientation dictated their roles within a company or organization or even in politics.

The professor is a reference to the outside sources that you will use in your paper.

What did they find? –What are the major findings of your outside research that are relevant to your question/topic? Some studies can be related to the topic that the majority LBGT could have equality rights in the count of application for a job because of their sexual orientation. The majority of LBGTQAI do not receive respect when they are applying for a job. The LBGQT was struggling to get accepted because of their sexual orientation. Some of people who are considered to be LGBT QAsI have the laterad way been rejected for position in job.

What are the implications of their findings? –How do the findings help answer your research question or what does it add to your sociological analysis of your topic?

Some studies have more explicitly suggested negative mental health consequences for LGBTQ parents in the presence of legal barriers to adoption. Goldberg and Smith ([ 26] ) found that lesbian and gay adoptive parents (N = 90 couples; 52 lesbian, 38 gay) reported greater symptoms of depression and anxiety (via standardized questionnaires) across the first year postadoption when they lived in states with less‐favorable legal climates (e.g., “unfavorable court rulings with regard to gay adoption,” using the HRC’s “Family Equality Index”) for LGBTQ‐adoptive‐parent families, as compared to those lesbian and gay adoptive parents who lived in states with more supportive laws (e.g., “favorable court rulings with regard to gay adoption”) (Farr, Goldberg.)

Basically Lgbtq parents trying to adopt have faced more issues than traditional heterosexual parents and this led to a greater risk of depression and anxiety due to these complications.

Although attitudes toward sexual orientation minorities have become remarkably more positive in the past decade (Westgate et al. 2015), stereotyping and discrimination have not entirely disappeared (Blashill and Powlishta 2009). Of particular importance to Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychologists are the ways subtle and overt stereotyping of and discrimination against LBG employees in the workplace affect employee satisfaction, organizational commitment, and career commitment (Button 2001; Ragins and Cornwell 2001) Barrantes, R., & Eaton, A. (2018)

Basically this is saying that a person’s sexual orientation affects their ability to be accurately considered for a certain position within their workforce.

4: Revisit your hypothesis and compare it with your findings

In the hypothesis, I think that sexual orientation should be test a who consider man who to believes that he gay as experiment to test out the hypothesis if that is true.

Sexuality orientation people can have hivs or aids in regards to sex or pass down to different sex is category as physical and emotion also be referring to primality males or females as primary sex characteristics such as the reproductive system height and muscularity. Although people who are considered to be identified with their own gender choose to be who they are in reality. Therefore, they are always ashamed of people in society who would accept them for who they really are because of their gender and sexual orientation.

5: How does sociology help us better understand the social world we live in?

In today sociology will help try understand their background and the include them to be part of the society world that we live in today. There is a majority of inequality to sexual orientation because although people feel the critique of them not except for who they really are in reality. Sexuality orientation would like to be describe how same people would raise children as the same sex person. If gay person would like to have house with their partner plan to adopt children from government. Even lesbian can also adopt children from a family member as well or from the government. My perspective is that of being able have a financial and security benefits to available raise a child weather been gay or bisexual possible of lesbian. In the world nationwide is about race, gender and class, sexuality orientation seems very inequality in society. Many genders have been classified them as subordinate group which is stereotype discrimination also be prejudice that include the LBT community in our society.

Background history

In today society, people are very socialization tend to interaction with different sexual orientation although is a long process to be accepted by society. Human sexual has four categories. Human sexual it is beak down into heterosexuality and homosexuality bisexuality or set into three categories gay straight or bisexual person. Most of the person are unclear to weather will be considered to heterosexual or heterosexuality I mean homosexuality. In today we live society that is motionless considered to be discrimination and judgement because person have their own sexual preferences. The majority of people have either set an establishment to fight for their right as human share their experience or not share their experience different point of views. I think people are who gay straight or bisexual or lesbian can be try to apply for job that consider them to have the same rights. People who are very difficult to can have many obstacles in their life because they can also struggle to come out of the closet


added textbook 3 sources

Farr, R., & Goldberg, A. (2018). Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Adoption Law.(Perspectives on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Family Law). Family Court Review, 56(3), 374–383.

Barrantes, R., & Eaton, A. (2018). Sexual Orientation and Leadership Suitability: How Being a Gay Man Affects Perceptions of Fit in Gender-Stereotyped Positions.(Report). Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 79(9-10), 549–564.

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